great-fullness altitude of inner prosperity: a posture to emulate in business appreciation, acknowledgment recognition, reconnection truth and reconciliation finding gold: magnifying the good a potent sense of beauty savoring the moment harmonizing memories thanks giving you never do it alone: uncontrived, natural free from artifice - just being plain and simple straight from the heart [...]


Wiser choices

Wiser choices relational experiments that de-center power interrupt impacts inter-generational we-building de-activating colonial habits of being learning and un-learning deciphering other-self, personal-collective a multi-layered gesture wake up own up, show up, step up, clean up grow inside and outside what is really needed towards possibilities of de-colonial futures a place for collaborations dis-imposing re-inhabiting cultural identity, language [...]


Emerging sounds

Emerging sounds Love in Business Resonating from our hearts to yours We’re delighted to share the highlights of our collaborative birthing! This year we have come to Life. We have encountered and co-created. We have Learned. Lived. Experienced. Experimented. And most of all loved. Together! Love in Business: a radical idea whose time has come [...]


Expanding heart connection in business

Expanding heart connection in business To us, the third space community is a living being. Our philosophy is that we exist because of who we are, together. Through sharing and caring. By providing a mirror for each other. In the recognition that we flourish to the degree that those around us do so, as well. [...]