Being the promise

In this week’s Interblog, we feature a recent post from one of our community members, Carl Studna, a professional photographer and author.

In his most recent newsletter, Carl invites us into deep inquiry as individuals and collective as we consider our perspective through the “lens” of the heart.


I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the word, PROMISE.

Typically, we use the word as in keeping a promise with ourselves or another.

In this case, I’m appreciating the word as an expression of assurance.

“These are times of great promise.”

I prefer the word Promise over Hope, as hope can imply waiting for something good to happen, whereas promise simply means that there is light upon the horizon and the storm is likely passing.

Living with the COVID storm for a year now and witnessing the multitude of ways it has severely impacted our world, I grieve for all of those hit with illness, death, poverty and depression.

As we all know, this pandemic has shaken the entire world in a way that none of us has ever seen or known before.

Entering a promising time

It looks like we might be gradually emerging out of the storm.

This gives us the opportunity to reflect on this past year and more fully recognize our interconnection with all people and begin to understand that when one is hurting, we all feel the pain.

How can we begin anew in a way that brings greater compassion, wisdom, and promise to the sphere of people in our circles, and in our broader relationship to all of humanity and with all living beings?

We currently have the opportunity to reset our moral compass and open to a more expanded way of perceiving the world around us so that our focus and actions consider the whole, rather than being limited to our smaller circle of influence.

We’ve received a collective taste of witnessing the entire planet going through the same hardships as us, and we now have the bold opportunity to shift our perspective to include the wide spectrum of needs for our planet.

We are the promise

I believe that we are at the precipice of an evolutionary curve, and it is essential that we, in our own way, open and say YES to seeing and acting from a global perspective.

In so doing, it will not only plant seeds in healing the needs of our planet, but also bring a richer sense of purpose and fulfillment to each of our lives.

I constantly ask myself, “What is mine to do?”

This ongoing inquiry keeps the doors open to a deeper realm of listening, honoring, and acting on my inner directive.

So, what is yours to do, this day, this week, month and year?

This time is ripe for great promise.

Every one of us is encoded with infinite potential and the time is NOW.

I’m so grateful to be on this path of awakening and I continue to hold the vision of great promise for this precious planet and for all living beings.