Being in business…

In these vulnerable times, we are craving more connection.
A hard thing to do when we’re being asked to remain apart, socially distant.

Finding close rapport on the internet somehow doesn’t quite measure up to sharing a workspace, physical intermingling or reading body language.
The perception is that we have lost something irreplaceable.
So we are told.

Widen the doors of perception

The belief that we are separate when not within walking distance or at least in close range tells an incomplete story.
This thought pattern is persistent especially when it is being given so much attention in the media, every day.
Although this is relevant, we need to recognize that this is a limiting view.

The paradox here is that even when we have freedom of movement, we continue to be locked in a worldview that is rooted in lack and separation.
More significantly this is where our dis-connect is rooted.

Let’s explore connection from another angle.

At this point, it might be useful to redefine it in terms of re-connection…or better still, inter-connection.
For the sake of clarity, the prefix inter means “between,  “among”,  “mutually”,  “reciprocally”,  “together”.
These words already conjure up multiple other contexts for closeness and presence.

A way of reframing might be to take a quick inventory of the diverse ways in which each of us personally connects with other people…with nature…with Life.
Being part of something beyond ourselves.

Open heart-centered connections

Connecting in less visible or tangible ways is every bit as real as physical proximity.
And is possibly another way into deeper connection.
An invitation to strengthen our heart connection.
From the inside out. And back in again.

This lens offers us a wider aperture from which to evolve a new way of ‘being’ in business.
It affirms a new story with the possibility of intensifying our inter-actions. Our inter-connections. Not diminishing them.

Bringing us to another level of togetherness. Of awareness.

Awaken conscious awareness

As we look around us, we are seeing this inner dynamic replicated in other circles. And what we are realizing more than ever is that opening our hearts does not require physical proximity.

What we are coming to recognize, in these unique times, is that the inter-net, with all its idiosyncrasies, can offer us something that we are just beginning to grasp: an increased capacity for inter-relationship.

We aren’t losing connection.
We are gaining the possibility of deeper heart connection.

A new way of “being” in business.

What does interconnection mean to you, in your business?

“There is no separation between self and other, everything is interconnected.”    -Thich Nhat Hanh