Beauty – A reminder for our times

In this week’s Interblog, we share Alfred K. LaMotte’s Statement on Beauty – a reminder for our times.


Beauty unfolds in the silence between thoughts. The dark loam of thought-free awareness is where Words of creation spring up and cry, “Let there be light.”

Creation is neither a tale of the past nor a vision of the future, but a history of this moment. That is why, for me, meditation is the mother of poetry.

This world is so beautiful when we see it through the crystal lens of silence, without super-imposing our ideas, our stories, our past. Then a new creation shines with every breath. One atom of this body encircles the entire sky. One tear of compassion contains all the fire of our outrage. It is very important to find this tear, and weep.

Fear resists. Resistance thickens. But when we let the veils thin out, Beauty glows through the entangled opposites of this world. In Beauty, there is vast sorrow as well as joy, the angst of multitudes in the street, and the gentility of a falling leaf in the ancient forest. Gold and burgundy, sunlight and rain, commingle in the wine of Beauty.

The artist does not untie the knot. She is simply the servant of wonder, recording the annals of Presence.