Back to Normal?

“Let’s get business back to normal.”
The old meme keeps echoing in our minds.
Hard to shake. Old habits die hard.

Normal? Under closer scrutiny, it presents as a comfort word we use when we don’t know what to do next.
That’s a hard truth.

Inside out

What if we were to adopt a different point of view?
An approach that has us thinking about how we can contribute to change, rather than resist it.
Instead of yearning to go back to business practices that are marginalizing, unsustainable, and failing us.

This is our moment to take a deeper look inside business. At its raw underbelly. By turning it upside down. Inside out.
To re-assess where we are and where we need to go.
Without desperately hanging on to a “normal” that is no longer viable or even helpful.

Wholeness in business

Visualize wholeness in business. With nothing left out.
Everything is visible.
Universal values and a big picture view, influence and shift our behaviors.

Contemplate bringing our whole selves to work.
Our hearts lead and inform our actions.
A conscious attitude is modeled.

Envision a compassionate and human business model.
We take care of each other.
Collaboration and cross-pollination are key to innovation and success in business.

Imagine adding value to our businesses by behaving responsibly. Ethically.
We uncover the hidden impact of our choices.
The environment and the health of our communities are top of mind.

Wholeness in business
A conscious business meme. A reality we can’t ignore.
Occurring in many places in today’s business landscape.
Look around.  It’s already happening.

Wholeness in business opens us to all perspectives.
Our biggest learning is to find out how they co-exist. Inter-relate.

A radical idea that serves us all better, in the long run.

What is wholeness in business to you?

“A life of wholeness does not depend on what we experience. Wholeness depends on how we experience our lives.”  – Desmond Tutu