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something to be done

something to be done pausing, resting in the awareness of awarenesses flash of lightning releasing rigidity, sparking genius mind opening into the universe evoking light-filled glimpses connecting the luminous liberating insights, proliferating visions geyser surfacing the radical nature of what is expanding the small into the all big thinking, airy and graceful layers ready to [...]


living awareness

living awareness In this week's Interblog,  we feature an article about Laurie Santos, a positive psychology professor from Yale University,  who presents the Science of Wellbeing as a way into living a meaningful life. Read article here We also include a meditation from the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) on developing Loving Kindness in [...]


More than a gesture

more than a gesture collective narratives of presence standing with listening for willing to see acknowledging educating ourselves beyond narrow understandings accurately recalling, witnessing seeking new and higher forms of expression adjusting our reading leading by example relating all things a synthetic vision, harmony and peace stitching points of connection inter-meaning collaboration makes a difference [...]


Wiser choices

Wiser choices relational experiments that de-center power interrupt impacts inter-generational we-building de-activating colonial habits of being learning and un-learning deciphering other-self, personal-collective a multi-layered gesture wake up own up, show up, step up, clean up grow inside and outside what is really needed towards possibilities of de-colonial futures a place for collaborations dis-imposing re-inhabiting cultural identity, language [...]



on...purpose elusive latent, quiescent signals coalescing below the surface like the tip of an iceberg carrying centuries-old memories slowly releasing in time and space remembering on our behalf multi-faceted purpose progressively unfurls itself through phases of a lifetime gradually, incrementally, changing patterns coming forward, next steps moving in ever growing circles only available to awakening [...]