All our relations

Six degrees of separation.
The 6 degrees theory says that everyone on this planet is on average only six acquaintances or 7 virtual handshakes from any other human being.
One degree away from everyone we know, two steps away from who our friends know. And on it goes.
Reaching outward. Building networks. Linkages between two or more people.
Establishing effective professional teams.

Crucial to business. Through these times of social distancing.

Seven to the power of 7. Logarithmic.
Imagine. We are only seven online skips and jumps away from one another.
The speed of remote connection. Shrinking our world. Requisites for doing business.
External evidence that technology works.
In linking us up at a very large scale.

Another way to see how interconnected we are is to think about all the individuals and groups of people who contribute to the well-being of our businesses.
Close by or half-way across the world.
As human beings, we find comfort in knowing that we are bound to each other.
Everyone and everything at our fingertips.


What we seem to have missed is that when we touch each other through the heart, contact is instantaneous.
There are no degrees of separation. No intermediaries needed.
Love is the magnet that orients us towards each other.
Holds us together.
In service to the collective.

Bringing the idea of proximity between us to a subtle level.
Internal connections between the parts and the whole.
Interweaving threads of cooperation.
Uniting highly diverse communities.
Suggesting that inner-connectivity is a constant within humanity.

What we’ve come to realize, lately, is that it’s not so much the number of friends or colleagues between us that matters.
It’s more about how we interact with each other.
Inter-dependence. Inter-connection.
Switching things up. Seeing the world from above and below. Vertically and horizontally.
Placing right relationship at the center of all that we do.


Bearing witness to ourselves is about getting relationships right.
In harmony with our inner values and all there is.
It is quite possible to choose right relationships and the common good.
A healthy human–earth-business relationship.
Opting for thriving human systems and ecological communities.
A decision to find better ways to live and to run our businesses.
Economic growth with a rheostat.
Ecological expansion with a circuit breaker.
Insight on demand.


As we develop a new heart lexicon and co-create the language of love in business, we need others with which to practice.
When in right relationship, we can see from new eyes.
You are me. I am you. Hive-minded and united. We are we.
Confident in our common humanity. Appreciating our power of interconnectedness. Providing reciprocal value.

Using our inter-connective inner knowing to sense at deeper levels.
To feel the inner essence of all that we connect with.
A new business ethic: humans in right relationship with the Earth and in love with each other.

Leaving a footprint lighter than the wind.

To move ourselves to harmony and right relationship, we need first to ask ourselves the question: in right relation with whom? With what?

All my relations” First Nations wisdom