A point of balance

Heart or head.
Passive or active.
Inner or outer.
Private or public.
Love or business.
The binaries we have long held in business.

But that is only when we look on the surface.
If we look more deeply, we will see that business does not exist without the heart.
Otherwise there would be no business. There would be no life. No flow.

It is simple.
The head that works without the heart, constricts. Ideas crystallize and wither.
Starved of feeling. Of inter-relation.

Nothing new can happen without both.

This is because that is

The feminine is receptive. It allows for others to come towards it.
The masculine is action packed. It moves outward.
Looking through these eyes, we can begin to see that the one cannot operate without the other.
Otherwise there would be no authentic inter-action. No value exchange.
So we can say that they inter-are.

Without watering, business cannot flourish.
Nurturing and discipline are essential.
If you are a gardener, you will perceive that one is as essential as the other.


If we look even more deeply, we can say we have become imprisoned by our ideas around negating the feminine in business.
We have wanted it to be the one, without the other.
And as we look even deeper, we can see that business is not defined by masculine qualities alone.
If we don’t have the feminine, how can the masculine be?

So, as we look through the lens of interbeing, business becomes whole.
It cannot hold one force over the other.
The one infuses the other.
The divine feminine valued and honored. An equal.
A sacred union.

Because it means the survival of business.

How well integrated is your leadership style?

A complete human being is in equilibrium between the masculine and the feminine.