A koan

Change is the only constant we know.

Managing change is taking us to revolutionary business practices.
Letting go.
As we expand into heart wisdom in business, certain inherent qualities and creative capacities that have long remained dormant within us are activated.
Flooding in.
Engaging different levels of our consciousness, gives us a new sense of identity.
Taking root.

Just as there is an interior journey for each one of us, a similar dynamic can be applied within our businesses.

An art

No person is an island.

Traveling solo no longer makes sense.
A new kind of leadership is showing up.
Creating an inner context for love in business.
Setting new conditions from which to successfully navigate uncharted waters.
With others.

As we work through the medium of love, in its highest forms, the power locus shifts to an inner boardroom.
Where soul is its own boss.

We are the creators of our own reality.
In achieving inner alignment, we create a new power grid.
A magnetic resonance with an intensifying heart note.

This is how we come to the importance of the subtle aspects of our business, to the mix of energies that animate it.

An orientation

Inwards to our heart and the heart of our business.

Upwards towards soul and our higher purpose.

Outwards into the world.

A crucial element in waking up to living love in business is to practice in community.
To transform how ‘we’ relate to each other, as unified wholes within a greater whole.

Pollinating our inner ways of being into our interpersonal sphere, we fertilize collaboration, intimacy and creative service.
Bringing meaningful change to business systems.

Being a force for good. Visibly and behind the scenes.
Working consciously, together.

A new science of thought in business.

From what part of yourself do you lead?

“If you master Zen you’ll be a great leader. But if you study Zen just to become a great leader you’ll never master it.” – A Zen koan