welcome to the third space

Together, we transform business by awakening the heart

welcome to the third space

Together, we transform business by awakening the heart

Beyond right and wrong there is a field, I will meet you there Rumi

In the third space, we provide a contemplative environment for conscious business professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents, just like you.
In the third space, we notice and intuit that there is a deeper, unseen pattern that underpins all that we do. It is a profoundly catalytic experience.
Another meaning for the third space is about making space…in our busy chaotic workdays. Gifting ourselves with an opening to pause, take a deep breath and reflect on why we are doing what we are doing, at work.
In the third space, we have an opportunity to orient ourselves towards the right business questions… those we need to be asking ourselves in these transitional times. It is the freedom to enter into the subtler aspects of our work. Into the inner story of business.
In the third space, we learn to witness our own transformation. From the inside out.

And where do we start?

Transforming business through awakening the heart

Connecting business – One heart at a time

And where do we start?

Transforming business through awakening the heart

Connecting business – One heart at a time

GATHERINGS | Conscious Business Conversations

Join us on-line for our monthly series

Three Thursdays each month at 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm Pacific Time

What is a Conscious Business Conversation? How is it different from other kinds of conversations or the way we communicate in business, every day?

A Conscious Business Conversation is more than just an exchange of words, ideas, or opinions. We gather and enter a collective quiet space. We become deeply present to one another.   As we listen, we then hear what lies behind what is wanting to be spoken. What arises is often bigger than us.
It is an experience, an exploration, an opportunity. In the third space, we encounter wholeness in ourselves and find group coherence.
That’s how we started our journey in conscious business and we have a sense that this is why you’re here, too.

EXPLORATIONS | Love in Business 

Our next on-line 9 week learning experience starts soon

This is an experience for business professionals who are serious about growing a conscious business. This is about showing up and creating change where you are.
The Love in Business System™ (LiB) is a leading edge deep learning platform integrated with an “inner to outer” business culture. It consists of:  
  • A series of conscious business deep learning experiences 
  • Explorations into conscious communication systems
  • An evolutionary process in inner group development

JOURNEYS | Retreat

Join us in co-creating a new story of business.  We will discover the ecology of business at the Hestia Retreat Center in Mount Shasta, California.  Annual retreat coming soon.
This retreat includes:
  • Wayfinding
  • Exploring
  • Implementing
We invite you to step into an engaging and restorative retreat space to pause, connect, and evolve.   This retreat center, a healing/nature sanctuary surrounded by a flowing creek near healing mineral baths and 10-acres of forest, is intentionally designed to support you, your inner journey and your re-connection with nature.  

About Us

Welcome to the third space!

The core principle that guides us every day is really very simple: we are transforming business through awakening the heart

We are inspiring individuals, groups, and businesses to live to their next level of possibility through group consciousness…

to view things differently
to open hearts
to take inspired action

through Purpose, Presence, Possibility, People, Prosperity, Planet, and Plenitude.

We are connecting business one heart at a time.

One thing has stood out, over and over again.

We are the change

Those aligned with our purpose are seeking us.

Using deep heart intelligence as our compass, we observe ourselves as the subjects of our own experiment. We track how our inner knowing is in-forming our outer actions.

We discover generosity, support and an inner heart-mind space, that we now call the third space, with colleagues and change agents on a similar journey. 

A deepening in our own transformation is occurring because of our interaction with one another, in conscious community, through Conscious Business Conversations.

Inner group development is at the epicenter of our Love in Business System

The exponential power of a conscious group is our source energy.

We cultivate: a rich, inner and interactive business experience, in community from the heart

We are the change, together, from the inside out.

We invite you to join us in the third space

Show up – just as you are. 

And most of all, trust that you are in the right place, with the right people at the right time. After all, the third space is where we began our own journey.

Need to get in touch?
We are listening
We’re here to help and answer any questions you might have. 
We’re all ears.